As part of the Wastewater Facilities Plan process, the city of Coquille will be conducting smoke tests of sanitary sewers throughout the city the week of July 19.

The tests will assist the city in locating breaks and defects in the sewer system. During the test, you may see smoke coming from vent stack on buildings or from holes in the ground. Don’t be alarmed. The smoke has no odor, is non-toxic, non- staining, does not create a fire hazard, and will dissipate in a few minutes.

Before the city conducts the smoke test, please pour water into your basement floor drains and into any unused sinks. This will seal the drain traps so smoke will not enter your building through the drain.

If smoke should enter your building during the test, it probably means that there are defects in the plumbing that could allow dangerous sewer gas to enter. Note the location of the smoke and call Dane Ramirez at City Hall at (541) 396-2115 x 205 to arrange a meeting and inspection. Open doors and windows to ventilate any smoke that enters the building.

Please notify the before the test if you have any of the following situations:

  • Dogs, birds or other pets that will be confined alone in the building during test;
  • A person who may be alone (youth, physically impaired or sleeping) during the test and may be alarmed by the smoke;
  • Any individuals with respiratory problems who will be in the building; or
  • Elderly persons who will be alone and might be alarmed or confused if they see smoke.

If you have any of these situations or have questions regarding the smoke test prior to the week of July 19, contact Mark Denning, public works director at (541) 396-4336.


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