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COOS COUNTY – A Coquille man had a “conversation” with Donald Trump while staring into a blue light Sunday.

According to a press release from the Coos County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy driving a marked patrol truck south on Highway 42 South toward Riverton saw a man standing on the side of the roadway.

David Jenkins, 40, jumped from the side of the road and tried to punch the deputy’s moving vehicle.

“The deputy steered the patrol truck into the unoccupied oncoming lane of traffic to avoid hitting the man,” the release stated.

The deputy turned around to contact Jenkins, but while approaching him Jenkins again “jumped into the south bound lane of traffic facing the deputy.”

“He stood in the roadway in a sort of spread eagle fashion and waved both of his hands from his wrists as though inviting the deputy to approach him. He was also yelling nonsense ... .”

The deputy activated his overhead lights and got out of the truck. When he got closer, Jenkins “started speaking about several things all in one breath and in one very long sentence.”

He told the deputy he believed someone was watching him, someone else was dead, and his backpack was gone, among other things. The release added that his skin was very sweaty and his mouth was constantly in movement “consistent with what is known as Bruxism.”

“Based on these observations and what the deputy knew of Mr. Jenkins history, he believed David Jenkins was under the influence of a substance, most likely methamphetamine,” the release said.

The deputy told Jenkins to get off the highway and though he did as he was told, “it was as though he immediately forgot” and walked across the white fog line back into traffic.

“At that point, David Jenkins was placed . . . under arrest and secured in handcuffs,” the release said. “The deputy stood by for dispatch to send another police responder who had the capability to transport Mr. Jenkins to the Coos County Jail.”

While they waited, the deputy kept hold on Jenkins who tried to walk away several times.

“At one point while waiting, Mr. Jenkins placed his nose about an inch away from the deputy’s driver’s side tail light,” the release said. “It had a blue flashing light which was inside the tail light and part of the emergency lighting the truck was equipped with.

“Jenkins looked into the blue flashing light and had a conversation with Donald Trump which included reporting a number of suspicious incidents which only made any sense in Mr. Jenkins altered state of mind.”

Jenkins was taken to the Coos County Jail where he refused to cooperate with jail staff. He refused to answer booking questions and more than once failed to keep his hands on the counter. He also “refused to remove his coat and sweatshirt for the booking process. Deputies assisted him,” the release stated.

Jenkins was charged with disorderly conduct II, obstructing vehicular traffic, and creating a hazardous condition for other persons traveling through the area.

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