Co-op Solar Panels

A solar power project nears completion on the roof of the Coos Head Food Co-op in Coos Bay.

COOS BAY — This week, the Coos Head Food Co-Op, located on 353 S. Second St. installed 54 new solar panel modules on its roof to reduce its fossil fuel intake and make its store more environmentally friendly.

Seth Lucas, from left, with Sol Coast Companies, Ben Gauvain and Cody Borgogno, both with Kyle Electric, look Wednesday over solar panels inst…

Patrick Franks, the head bookkeeper at the Co-Op, said the solar panel project has been a topic of discussion for the store since it relocated from North Bend.

Over the last two years, Franks said the store applied for multiple grants including a U.S. Department of Agriculture’s renewable energy grant and participated in an Energy Trust of Oregon rebate program.

“Our ethos is trying to live a greener, cleaner life,” Franks said. “We really wanted to put that into practice along with selling natural and healthy foods.”

The panels were installed by Coos County’s own, Sol Coast Companies. The panels are projected to save the store hundreds of dollars a month toward its electric bill.

The solar system is projected to produce about 24,000 kilowatts of net energy a year. The installation took about three days to complete. An inverter box was also installed to send up-to-date metrics of the system and display how much power has been collected.  

“We are always looking for different way to be more efficient,” Franks said. “The members love the panels and are excited about them.”

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