The following couples have filed for marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille:

  • Kevin Snyder and Alana Haga
  • Edward Smith and Colleen Brown
  • Michelle Wellington and Fred Robinson Jr.
  • Randy Thompson and Jenna Stocker
  • Celeste Jimenez-Ambriz and Nathaniel Lillie
  • Alejandra Ledesma-Peters and Juan Mantilla
  • Cory Peakcock and Katlyn Von Salzen
  • Connie Atkins and Albert Arguello Jr.
  • Audrey Schulz and Patrick Dunagan
  • Brianna Osborne and Jarrod Goodwin
  • Tracy Byrd and Traci Stevens
  • Sadie Swain and Spenser McCleskey
  • Amy Daniels and Sierra Provart
  • Jalen Robbins and Katherine Hagood
  • Ashley Mathis and Kyle Lilly
  • Kolbi Bohon and Alexandra Terrill
  • Connie Tompkins and Adam Chaddock
  • Thomas King and Chere Scott
  • Jaimie Katherman and Weesayo-Julia Harrison
  • Heidi Pooler and Gavin Easton
  • Larry Spivey and Lorna Deshazer
  • Sara Watrous and George Lawing
  • Julia Cherney and Michael Smith
  • Stephen Brown and Zubeda Ingabire
  • Leslie Howser and Shane Vandiver
  • Cheyne Johnson and Margaret Hightower
  • Anita Church and Donald Lyons
  • Josiah Martin and Laura Rexrode
  • Jamie Jones and Katherine Foster
  • Nancy Clarke and James Houck
  • Scott Cheney and Georgina Miller
  • Todd Cochell and Pamela Shipp
  • Renay Stoltz and Ronald Silva
  • Davina Crafton and Thomas Hagelstein
  • Susan Carney and Gaia Carney
  • Hayden Wiley and Eden Avery
  • Walter Thayer and Betsey Nadolski
  • Brittany Woolman and Robert Fillingame
  • William York and Jodina Vihavainen
  • Michael Murphy and Tara O'Shea
  • Douglas Watson and Raandi Andersen
  • Brenden Smith and Marte McCay
  • Daniel Taylor and Diana Taylor
  • Clementina Wilke Blanchet and Jordan Wiley
  • John Patterson and Denise Frye
  • Wayne Hoagland and Michelle Garner
  • Zachary Choate and Deanna Sherman
  • Angela Poelstra and Christopher Pizzola

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