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911 dispatchers were honored by the state of Oregon this week.

The Coos Bay City Council voted unanimously to spend up to $159,000 to purchase new equipment for emergency dispatchers.

Police Chief Chris Chapanar said the equipment for the 9-1-1 dispatchers is desperately needed.

“The 9-1-1 dispatch center is currently using out-of-date equipment that was purchased over 15 years ago,” Chapanar told the council. “The equipment has not only become outdated, but obviously it’s technologically driven, and that has become outdated as well. It is no longer serviceable, and the components are no longer being manufactured.”

Chapanar said the police department has spent several years researching the best equipment before deciding on AvTec. He asked the council to approve the purchase and installation of three dispatch stations with new monitors, speakers, headsets and hardware. A new server and new connections to the radio system are also part of the project.

The system will include a new recording system that will record all calls to 9-1-1 and the police station, as required by state law.

Chapanar said while AvTec makes the best equipment they could find, there was another advantage of choosing the company.

“During our evaluation process, we learned that both North Bend Police Department, as well as Coos County Sheriff’s Office, have both recently purchased Avtec consoles for their dispatch centers and are happy with their decision,” Chapanar said. “Learning this information made our decision to choose Avtec consoles much easier and will make all three dispatch centers in the Coos County area consistent and our interoperability seamless, should such a time ever be needed to utilize one another’s center in the event of a major incident or natural disaster.”

Chapanar said the city will hire Communications Northwest to install the equipment and expects the work to be done in August. That will time in closely to when a new emergency radio system will be finished countywide.

Chapanar said not only was Communications Northwest the low bidder, the company also did the work for Coos County and North Bend recently. He also noted the company is based in Oregon.

“It is the desire of the Coos Bay Police Department to utilize an installation company that is Oregon based and is familiar with the needs of Coos Bay and Coos County,” Chapanar said. “Communications Northwest is that company. They are familiar with our area’s needs, as they have installed both North Bend and Coos County’s consoles within the past two years. Further, there is the potential need for the installation company to be able to respond to our location for any in person service needs the center may face in a timely manner. As everyone is aware, a 9-1-1 center is critical, and in the event of equipment failure, immediate attention is needed and required.

The council voted unanimously to approve the request.


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