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COOS BAY — During the first several weeks of January, Coos Bay Police Department Senior Officer Darrell Babb made it his professional mission to reunite a homeless man in the community with his family in Idaho.

This 29-year-old man had been living on the streets of the community for the last nine years, according to the City of Coos Bay in its Friday newsletter. Babb located family members in Idaho, who had been searching for their son with the hope of reuniting with him. Due to transportation and financial constraints, the man's family was not able to travel to Oregon to get him.

"Officer Babb went out of his way to contact local community partners and create a plan to reunite the man with his family," said Coos Bay Police Chief Gary McCullough.

Babb, in cooperation with the Oregon Coast Community Action Homeward Bound Program and Nancy Devereux Center, was able to secure transportation for the man. After a couple of failed attempts and with direct support from Babb, the man boarded a bus for Idaho on Jan. 20. Later that day, Officer Babb contacted the man’s mother and confirmed the family had been reunited and were overjoyed.

"Senior Officer Babb’s desire to reunite this man with his family with hopes of changing his homeless status speaks to his character as police officer and person," McCullough said. "The actions demonstrated by Senior Officer Babb are an example for other members of the Coos Bay Police Department and our community to follow."


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