Coos Bay Fire Department cleans up

Coos Bay Fire Department employees and volunteers pose for a photo following a clean up on Ocean Blvd. Saturday morning.

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COOS BAY — The Coos Bay Fire Department cleaned up on Satruday. 

The department typically holds its clean-up of Ocean Blvd. in anticipation of the Prefontaine Memorial Run, held in conjunction with the Bay Area Fun Festival. Both events were canceled, though there is a COVID-style Prefontaine being held on Saturday, Sept. 19.

"Although the traditional Prefontaine Memorial run has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, your Coos Bay Firefighters will still be out there picking up trash to make the city a more beautiful and welcoming place," wrote on the City of Coos Bay's official Facebook page. 

"Your firefighters strive to work hard for the citizens of Coos Bay not only when they are answering emergency calls, but also in making the city we all reside in a more beautiful place," the post stated. "Coos Bay firefighters take extreme pride in their work both professionally and in the various volunteer activities that they partake in. The Coos Bay firefighters are proud of their community and are committed to providing excellent service to our citizens."


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