Lumber prices

The Bureau of Land Management Coos Bay District sold 7 million board feet of timber during a sealed bid auction May 28.

Boise Cascade Wood Products, LLC of Medford was the high bidder for the “Preacher Man” timber sale. The timber sold for $2.048 million, just above the appraised value of $2.032 million. The sale is located on Oregon and California Revested Lands in Coos County. One other company submitted a qualified bid.

The BLM manages 2.4 million acres of forests and woodlands in western Oregon. A sustainable forestry program is critical to the economies in western Oregon. Local communities rely on the jobs and timber that come from BLM forests, and the BLM is committed to providing predictable and sustainable timber harvest opportunities. Revenue generated from timber sales on O&C Lands are split between 18 western Oregon counties and the general fund of the U.S. Treasury, as designated under the O&C Lands Sustained Yield Management Act of 1937. Counties use the revenue to fund essential county services. The revenue generated from the timber sales on public domain land is deposited with the U.S Treasury.

It takes approximately 16,000 board feet of lumber to frame a 2,000-square-foot home. One million board feet of timber is enough to build approximately 63 family sized residential homes.

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