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COOS BAY — Coos Bay City Hall may re-open its doors to the public in mid-June.

The government building was closed March 19, as part of an emergency declaration to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

Coos Bay City Manager Rodger Craddock made a brief announcement about the plan to tentatively reopen during his report at the May 19 City Council meeting.

Craddock says that the decision is dependent on whether Coos County is eligible for Phase 2 reopening. The county cannot apply for Phase 2 until it has been in Phase 1 for three weeks. The review process, he said, can take a week. With this in mind, the earliest the city might open City Hall is mid-June. 

“We’re still providing the same services we always have — just virtually in most cases, except for police and fire,” Craddock said.

The city will implement several safety precautions before re-opening. These include installing Plexiglas barriers at the public works and finance windows.

“These provide protection for our customers and employees,” Craddock said of the barriers.

Additionally, hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed at the front and back doors and signs will be installed throughout City Hall reminding visitors to abide by social distancing recommendations.

Coos Bay Fire Hall is also closed to the public. A plan to reopen that city building is being developed by Fire Chief Mark Anderson.

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