REEDPORT — When Rebecca Kaufmann moved to the beautiful Oregon Coast as a teenager years ago from the Portland suburbs she fell in love with everything our area has to offer from the recreational activities as well as the feeling of living in a close knit community.  Rebecca is married to Mike, whose family has built many homes and operated many business’s in the Reedsport and Winchester Bay area. 

Mike and Rebecca have three sons, a 3 year old granddaughter and a brand new grandson.  Rebecca has worked with children and families in the school setting for many years and has a good understanding of the local people, community and geographical makeup of our area.

Rebecca knows that when it comes to buying or selling property or homes every situation is personal and unique and she is excited to be with Pacific West Realty and have the opportunity to make that transition the best it can be.  Please call/text or email to contact Rebecca @ Cell: 541-707-0818 email: OR at the office @ 541-271-9378 email: