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Audrey Berry with Oddray's Hemp & More sculpts with glass Saturday during the Clamboree and Glass Art Festival in the Empire District.

Audrey Berry stood before a small group of onlookers as she slowly spun a small piece of glass in front of a blazing hot torch flame. The North Bend native recently demonstrated to visitors at the Clamboree Art and Glass Festival in Coos Bay last weekend what it takes to create a glass mushroom pendant.

Berry, who owns Oddray’s Hemp, has been crafting macramé jewelry and pieces since she was 13 years old. The local artist has featured her jewelry in markets around the county and at stores including Organic Glass Art and Bahama Buds. Currently, she works primarily from her home studio in Coquille and sells online through her Etsy shop.

“My mom taught me when I was pretty young,” said Berry. “I remember doing basic knots and a few years later I continued on with more intricate stuff.”

Since then, Berry said she learned how to do different techniques and glass art molding through countless YouTube videos she would watch. With the help of some mentors and friends, Berry said she ready to move her business forward.

“Someday I’d like to own my own store front,” said Berry. “I want a store with multiple artists and featuring things beyond macramé.”

For the last four years, Berry has been making a variety of pendants, beads, necklaces and bracelets. In her dream shop she said she like to include her husband, Michael, and sister-in-law, Paige’s craftwork.

“My husband is a woodworker and he does a lot of wood bowls and cutting boards,” said Berry. “I want to get everyone together in one place and be open for the whole week.”

Eventually, Berry said she’d like to expand into offering classes or doing workshops. She also hopes her five year old would someday take part in the business.

“He loves creating things,” said Berry. “I would love to show him when he gets older how to do glass work.”

While she gets things in order, Berry said customers could visit and ask her questions about her crafts at either the Coos Bay or Coquille Farmers Market.

“I think it’s important to find out what is it you like to do,” said Berry. “I feel like creating art has allowed me to express myself in a positive way and it’s just what I like to do.”

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