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Josie's Art Lab

Josie Keating stands in front of some of her tips canvas paintings in her new art center Josie's Art Lab in downtown North Bend. 

Local art instructor Josie Keating opened up her new business, Josie’s Art Lab in downtown North Bend Jan.11.

“It was kind of a soft opening. My windows are not quite ready and my website's almost up, but not quite up. Maybe In February when I feel a little more settled, I’ll have a Grand Opening.

Keating found great success with her tipsy canvas fund raising events, where participants paint along with her over a glass or two of wine. So she decided to open a sort of art studio and classroom where she could hold art events for the community.

“Three or four years ago I started doing the tipsy canvas events as fundraisers for my kid’s school and they took off. Pretty soon other people started hiring me to do their fundraising events. We were doing eight of them, or maybe six a year. There still felt to be such a needs … So I thought you know what? I’m just going to do this,” Keating said.

Tipsy canvas may have been the event that sparked Keating’s interest in opening the art lab, but it won’ be the only type of event held there. There will also be juicy canvas events, which are geared toward but not limited to kids. Keating also has an idea for a brunch art event, which she calls brunchy canvas.

“I have a million ideas, it doesn’t mean there all going to happen, or even happen right away,” Keating said.

Keating is very interested in using her new space to teach children about art. She hopes to hold art classes for kids, summer art camps, and even a valentine’s day event where kids can make personalized cards to hand out to their classmates.

It’s taken a couple of months for Keating to get the art lab together, no doubt because her ambitious art space requires more than one certification.

“I’ve got my occupancy permit, my liquor liability insurance, my liquor license, my servers permit, all of it,” Keating said.

For the past eight years, Keating has been the painting and drawing instructor at South Western Oregon Community College. She also arranges workshops at the Coos Art Museum. While she would like to make Josie’s Art Lab her main gig, it’s uncertain how the community will take to it.

“I’m excited for the possibilities, the endless possibilities. I figure I’ve only thought of the tip of the iceberg,” Keating said.  

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