Kozy Kitchen veterans will soon be opening Friends Café, a community oriented café aimed at making and strengthening friendships with customers.

Loretta Young and Debra Robertson worked together for 10 years at one of the local Kozy Kitchen restaurants. Friends Café hopes to open around the end of the month, and is located where Shake n’ Burger used to be on D Street in Eastside.

“We’ve been partners daily for years, and we get along great and have great ideas,” Robertson said.

When their particular Kozy Kitchen location closed down they decided to open up their own café. 

“It went out of business, and we worked there for a really long time. It was either go get another job or do something for ourselves,” Young said.

The menus will feature pictures of Young and Robinson’s friends. The back wall of the restaurant is a chalkboard where the new owners hope suggestions will be made about to improve the menu.

“Come in as strangers and leave as friends. We want everybody who comes in here to have a great time, enjoy our food, and welcome feedback. That’s what the chalkboard is about. That’s going to be our specials, that’s going to be the people telling us what they want,” Robertson said.

The menu features a lot of classic American fare, several burgers and sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Young and Robertson said that all of the food on the menu will be fresh.

“We’ll be cooking our own roast beef, instead of buying one that’s shipped in from somewhere else, and we’re going to make our own patties. Everything is going to be fresh,” Robertson said.

Friend’s Café is not too worried about drawing in customers to the new restaurant. Robertson said “We already have 20 years of friends here, so we’re hoping that they’ll stop by and see us."