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Crabby Cakes Moves

Crabby Cake owners Marvin Terry and Lisa Peckham moved their business to a new location on Boat Basin Road in Charleston.

CHARLESTON — Charleston’s only full service bakery Crabby Cakes has moved off of Cape Arago Highway to a new location along Boat Basin Road in Charleston.

Marvin Terry and Lisa Peckham opened Crabby Cakes five years ago. Before opening their bakery the two worked as chefs at the Mill Casino. Peckham was pastry chef, and Terry was a sous chef.

“I had a small bakery in the 1990s. We decided to leave the casino, it just worked out that way, and we opened our own business. We love what we do, we love making goodies for people,” Peckham said.

Both Peckham and Terry are very excited about the new location. The bakery is now along the main road leading into the Charleston Marina, which the owners hope will bring in more customers.

“We really enjoy this new place a lot. It’s more open in here, and it’s a lot roomier … I think it’s going to be a lot better here ... we’re going to get a whole new set of foot traffic from people who are going out to see the boats and that’s a great thing. As you’re on your way out to see the boats, now you can stop and see Crabby Cakes Bakery. ” Terry said.

Crabby Cakes moved because they were unable to afford the frequent increases in rent.

“We loved that shop. We put our heart and soul into that shop, it was our second home. We just couldn’t afford it anymore, and that’s actually why we had to move,” Terry said.

With 33 years of experience as a journeyman baker, Peckham has developed a menu that showcases her ability as a baker. Terry said his favorite of her pastries is the sourdough peach cobbler doughnuts.

 “We have our own sourdough pots, so what we do is from scratch. That’s the difference with us, we’re a mom and pop, from scratch, full service bakery,” Peckham said.

While the baked goods are Crabby Cakes’ main focus there are a number of hot food items that are Terry’s specialty. He makes his own chili as well as serving up breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, and breakfast sandwiches.