Last week we talked about how you can make a difference in our local business climate by working on one of your chamber’s teams. We didn’t get through all the opportunities at that time, so let me introduce you to more of them.

Marketing & Communication — this team reviews and revises all means of communication, to include website, social media, press releases, radio and others to ensure that our message gets out successfully.

Membership Development — has been extremely active this past year with member recruitment activities, developing personal contacts opportunities with all members, and reinforcing the value and benefits of membership to maintain a strong and viable organization.

We have recently joined these two committees for an even greater focus on these teams which drive our impact and success for business and community.

Education — provides support to our local schools so they have the resources to help students achieve their dreams and become productive adults, by improving communication with business community, monitoring school performance, recognizing excellence, exposing students to careers and job opportunities and enhancing facilities.

Events — Plans and coordinates activities that raise funds while also providing great times to meet, greet and enjoy your fellow members and potential members.

Tourism — Takes a leadership role in developing and improving tourism partnerships and communications on all levels. They provide ideas, resources and programs to support both new and expanding tourism based businesses.

Chamber members can be part of any of these teams. In fact that is the only way we are successful. So, give us a call and we will set you up.

Remember our business is helping your business. And like us on Facebook.

Timm Slater is executive director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information on your Chamber, email us at timmslater@oregonsbayarea.org.

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