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NORTH BEND — The Coos Bay District of the Bureau of Land Management conducted three timber sales at an oral auction May 17, according to a press release from the local BLM office.

The Friday sale saw 7.7 million board feet of timber sold, worth approximately $1 million, supports working landscapes across western Oregon, the release said.

“Boise Cascade Wood Products, LLC was the high bidder for the “Glide Path” timber sale,” the release said. “The timber is located on Oregon and California Revested lands in Coos County. The sale includes 4.9 million board feet and was purchased for $799,840. 3H Forestry and Land Management was the high bidder for the ‘Slater 21’ timber sale. The 1.1 million board feet of timber in this sale is located on O&C lands in Douglas County. The high bidder purchased the timber for $76,162.

“Finally, Black Butte Enterprises was the high bidder for the “Kenyon Mountain” timber sale, located on O&C lands in Coos County. The 1.7 million board feet of timber sold for $190,970.”

The money from these sales goes into the Federal O&C fund, which is shared with the 18-western Oregon counties that contain O&C lands.

“These counties receive 50 percent of the receipts from the sale of forest products off of O&C lands each year,” the release said. “The Oregon and California Railroad Revested lands, known as the O&C lands, lie in a checkerboard pattern through eighteen counties of western Oregon. These lands contain more than 2.4 million acres of forests with a diversity of plant and animal species, recreation areas, mining claims, grazing lands, cultural and historical resources, scenic areas, wild and scenic rivers, and wilderness.”

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