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Dozens of other volunteers from Operation Rebuild Hope, Reach Out World Wide, McCormick & Son Construction and Juul Insurance Agency work outside of Bryan's Home in North Bend on July 9.

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NORTH BEND — Bryan’s Home has received a donation of $50,000.

The nonprofit that serves homeless veterans was given the sizable gift from Dennis and Janet Beetham of DB Western. The chemical engineering corporation owners took interest in Bryan’s Home shortly after it was established and kept an eye on it as it developed.

Bryan's Home wears a fresh coat of paint along U.S. Highway 101 in North Bend after a weekend of work painting the exterior in August. The bui…

“He’s been following us for a while,” said Krystal Hopper, communications director for Bryan’s Home. “He and his wife took a tour of Bryan’s Home (recently) and they ... do a lot in the community. They wanted to help.”

Hopper said the donation is to be used where needed as Bryan’s Home continues to be built and owner Patrick Wright navigates additional permits and requirements with the City of North Bend.

“(The Beethams) appreciated everything we’re doing and thought we have a good mission in helping veterans and housing veterans,” Hopper said.

Though she isn’t sure where the money will be used at the moment, she pointed to large expenses in the future for the project.

“We have the big fire suppression expense that we are still figuring out and we’re not sure how much that will cost, but it could very well be up to $50,000,” Hopper said. “We’re also getting electrical and plumbing in and once we get our building permits will frame the inside and build the walls. There are several things the donation could be used for, as well as just the mortgage on the property. We’re very grateful for the donation.”

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