Bryan's Home before and after

Before and after photos show the progress made on Bryan's Home. 

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NORTH BEND ─ Within the first two months of 2021, construction on Bryan’s Home will be completed and some homeless veterans will be brought in from off the streets.

“If everything goes according to plan, then we should be completely done mid-January,” said Patrick Wright, U.S. Marine veteran and founder of Operation Rebuild Hope, the umbrella nonprofit over Bryan’s Home. “Then we will get our final inspections.”

Bryan’s Home, located on Sherman Avenue in North Bend, has been in the making since 2018. Its goal is to house homeless veterans and get them back on their feet by teaching them skills to become independent.

“Considering we had to stop (construction) for six months and are only three months behind, I think we are doing really well,” Wright said of where the project is now.

According to Wright, Bryan’s Home was intended to open in October, but progress slowed due to the pandemic. At the start of 2020, the siding had just been put on and the next step was to complete the interior framing. As of the end of December, Wright said Bryan’s Home has most of its flooring finished and all its paintwork, drywall and fire suppression done, stating, “We’ve really come a long way.”

“…We installed all the vinyl plank flooring and tile,” Wright said. “We have a little work to do on the original flooring to the house, which is from 1870. There is some work to restore that to its original luster….”

Otherwise, the big push now is to put furniture together.

Even though Bryan’s Home has not officially opened yet, Operation Rebuild Hope has been working with Oregon Coast Community Action to operate emergency housing for homeless veterans. The emergency housing apartments are known as the Timberwolves Den. Just in the past year, Wright said over 20 veterans have been housed there with a 90 percent success rate from being homeless to permanently housed.

“So that’s nine out of ten times we were able to get someone off the street into their own affordable, permanent housing,” he said. “That is our pilot program for Bryan’s Home and once Bryan’s Home is open, we know it will work.”

There are eight rooms at Bryan’s Home. Two are designated as family units, two for disabled veterans, two for female veterans and then two for male veterans.

“We already have people waiting to move in,” Wright said.

One of the later phases of Bryan’s Home included a small home community. Wright said the grant to build that community was denied recently, though the nonprofit was encouraged to apply again in the summer. He hopes to get that project started in 2022.

“I want everyone to know we received no major state or federal funding (for Bryan’s Home),” Wright said. “Everything we’ve been able to do is a direct result of our community … and we’re extremely grateful. We are one of the poorest counties in the state, but we made this happen.”

To donate to Bryan’s Home, visit Donations can also be mailed to Bryan’s Home at 1520 Sherman Avenue in North Bend.


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