Bryan's Home

Founder of Bryan's Home, Patrick Wright (far left), stands next to Bryan's Home Public Information Officer Krystal Hopper while accepting a $2,500 donation from First Interstate Bank.

NORTH BEND — First Interstate Bank donated $2,500 to Operation Rebuild Hope to help complete Bryan’s Home, helping the nonprofit get a little closer to opening next year.

The donation was made last week after Bryan’s Home applied for a grant. Bryan’s Home, founded by Patrick Wright as a way to help homeless or needy veterans get back on their feet, is scheduled to officially open August of 2020, a date that the nonprofit’s spokesperson says will be met.

“We are a little behind schedule, but I have no doubt we will hit our goal to open next year,” said Krystal Hopper, spokesperson for Bryan’s Home.

The donation made by First Interstate Bank will go toward the contractors hired to finish work inside Bryan’s Home. Other bills the donation might help pay for include another water line for the fire suppression system and the monthly property mortgage.

Hopper estimates that Bryan’s Home is still in need of $40,000 in order to finish construction and obtain necessary permits.

“The fire suppression has cost us $30,000 so far, something we didn’t know was going to be needed,” Hopper explained.

After a three-week break for the holidays, framing will begin on the inside of Bryan’s Home. This will build the two offices and ADA bathroom downstairs.

While work continues to get the nonprofit ready for its August 2020 open date, it has become the location for donations for veterans.

“We did the Thanksgiving baskets and the Christmas Giving Tree, we have become a food pantry and a closet full of clothes and household items for active duty service members, veterans and their families,” Hopper said. “People just come to Bryan’s Home if they want to give something to a veteran and know that it will go straight into a veteran’s hands.”

Because so many items have been donated to Bryan’s Home for veterans but can no longer stay inside the house while construction on the inside begins, a storage container has been purchased. Earlier this month, Hopper said nearly 20 U.S. Coast Guard members arrived to help move the food, clothing and household donations out of the house and into the storage container.

“We’re just grateful for everyone who continues to do whatever they can to help, whether it’s spreading the word or dropping off items or volunteering their time,” Hopper said. “This would not be possible without everyone’s support and help.”

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