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COQUILLE — The City of Coquille has issued a boil water advisory for residents after discovering high turbidity (cloudiness) levels in a water sample taken Friday.

The advisory is currently in effect until further notice. According to city staff, the high level of turbidity can increase the possibly that the water may contain disease-causing organisms.

The city is advising residents to boil their water for a least one minute before use. The water will then be safe for drinking, food preparation, brushing teeth, washing dishes and other related activities.

While turbidity has no health effects, it can interfere with disinfection and provide an outlet for microbial growth, according to an announcement made by the city.

If the water contains parasites, bacteria or viruses, it can cause a number of symptoms including cramps, diarrhea and nausea to name a few. The city pointed out elderly residents, infants and those with compromised immune systems may be at a higher risk and should reach out to their health care providers. 

“Recent heavy rains may have contributed to a run off of mud/clay into the Rink Creek Reservoir,” said the city issued public service announcement. “We are researching the cause(s) and are currently adding chemical to reduce turbidity, inspecting/cleaning the filters and monitoring chlorine levels and will adjust them as needed to compensate for filtration problems.”

For more information, contact the City of Coquille at 541-396-2115 or visit Oregon Health Authority's Drinking Water Data Online website: https://yourwater.oregon.gov/advisorydetails.php?ISN=2225.

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