Bay Area Hospital

The Bay Area Hospital is the largest hospital on the Oregon coast.

COOS BAY — The Bay Area Hospital Community Foundation has awarded $413,575 to local nonprofits and organizations.

“As the largest employer on the South Coast, we believe in giving back to the community, and that’s why we do the grant program,” said BAH Chief Development Officer Barbara Bauder.

Bay Area Hospital CEO Brian Moore says that a community’s health is determined by much more that its health care system. Socioeconomic factors, physical environment, and individuals’ lifestyle, diet and exercise choices are major drivers of health.

“In terms of our mission, to be a part of improving the health of our community every day, we recognize that we’re going to have to go after some of the big driving factors of health,” Moore says. “Bay Area Hospital does have some programs and activities that get outside of just hospital work, but the bulk of that work is done by partners in our community.”

The deadline to apply for next year’s grant cycle is March 1, 2020. Applications are available at www.bayareahospital.org.

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