PORTLAND — Sen. Arnie Roblan, D- Coos Bay, is the new president of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, whose mission is to promote the economic well-being of citizens in the region.

According to a release, Roblan was elected to lead the organization based on his public service back and successes in the Oregon legislature.

 “PNWER has proven itself to be an ideal vehicle for identifying shared regional problems and crafting solutions that serve the people we represent,” Roblan said in a prepared statement.

Roblan, a former high school principal from Coos Bay, has served in the Oregon legislature for more than a decade.

He was inducted Tuesday at the 27th PNWER annual summit.

More than 800 state and provincial legislators and business leaders from the Pacific Northwest and western Canada currently are engaged in the annual summit that is spent discussing sustainable economic development in the Northwest, climate change, invasive species, forestry, energy and water policy.

“The transcendent cooperation and collaboration facilitated by PNWER has resulted in the provision and sharing of key infrastructure, education, entrepreneurial expertise and state and federal funding that has made possible the successes we in Oregon are experiencing,” Roblan said in the statement. “As PNWER’s president, I will look to sustain this successful collaborative model – the spirit of the people in our region – but also to explore unique opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.”

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