Sailor Jack is an adult male. He needs a good home of his own with humans who understand he needs some time to warm up to them. He is glad

to be rescued.

Roo is a beautiful adult female. She has been at the cat house for a while. She has lots of love to give and would love her own home.

The cat house is open by appointment only right now so please be sure to call if you are interested in meeting any of the wonderful kritters

available for adoption.

All of these wonderful babies need time to get used to new surroundings when they are adopted. Patience will be the best thing they can be

given, patience to settle in and get used to new surroundings before cozying up to their new human companion. Only time will tell if they will fit into their new situation

when they are adopted. It really is no different for human kids, patience goes such a long way to benefit all involved.

Call the cat house to set up a meeting! call 541-294-3876 or 541-260-5303.


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