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Recipient of two purple hearts files lawsuit for defamation

CHARLESTON — “I served my country well and after this felt I did all that work for nothing,” said U.S. Army veteran Christopher Shepperd after filing a lawsuit for defamation against a woman who shared false information about him on Facebook.

Southern Coos Hospital ER nurse seeks to change assault laws

BANDON — On the day before Valentine's Day 2018, Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center emergency room nurse Pam Lewis might have been expecting flowers or candy from her husband of 46 years, or something special from one or more of her 11 children. Maybe a sweet treat from the hospital'…

Communities rally around Steven White

LANGLOIS — Steven White sat in the Bandon High School gym behind the scorer’s table unaware of what was about to happen.


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Chamber Minute: Become a hero and make good things happen

At a workshop I was coordinating, to supplement the biographical information for each speaker, I asked them, “Who was your childhood hero”. The results were interesting and enlightening.

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