LOON LAKE -- The Loon Lake recreation site will remain closed this summer, however the rest of the lake is still open to visitors.

The Bureau of Land Management announced the closure — which includes the main campground, day-use facilities and boat ramp — last week.

February’s winter snowstorm toppled trees, damaging the water and sewer treatment systems, a restroom and a maintenance shop.

Megan Harper with the BLM said there was an estimated $1 million in repairs.

“It’s pretty spendy. Partly because it’s two separate buildings,” Harper said.

Coos Bay District Manager Kathy Westenskow-Davis said the agency couldn’t provide visitors a safe experience without water and sanitary services.

“Staff members looked at several options to get the clean-up, repairs, and construction complete to open this summer, but it just isn’t possible. We are disappointed that the site cannot open this year, and we regret the inconvenience it causes for everyone who had reservations and plans to enjoy the lake,” Westenskow-Davis said in a news release.

Harper said the first priority is to get the water back up and running, noting that visitors and staff use up to a half million gallons of water each summer.

The restroom and pumphouse will need to have the debris cleaned out so the buildings can be rebuilt.

In addition to the damages, Harper said around 1,000 camping reservations had to be canceled and refunded.

The recreation site typically gets 30,000 visitors from Memorial Day to September 30, according to Harper.

Julie Celeste, managing partner of the marketing agency for the Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort, said people were confused when the news came out.

“A lot of people think that the recreation encompasses the whole lake,” she said.

Celeste said the lodge “ immediately started getting phone calls from people. Everybody was very happy to hear that the lodge would be open.”

She said the major asset of the BLM recreation area is its large beach. The lodge has a beach, but it's not as big.

“We were really fortunate in that there weren’t any facilities damaged,” Celeste said. “The roads are clear, there are trees down but it's a matter of cleanup not necessarily where it's going to impact the guests.”

Celeste recommended that people reserve early.

“Yesterday everybody kind of had to think quickly ‘oh what are we going to do now,’” Celeste said. “In a couple days everyone is going to decide what they’re doing.”

The lodge has an onsite marina and options for cabins, yurts, RV spaces and tent camping.

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