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Plastic Bags


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Plastic bags provide a quick and easy way to store leftover food and school lunches, but these disposable containers create unnecessary waste, and cost you money with each use. Fortunately, more environment and budget friendly alternatives to plastic bags are popping up every day. Here are 4 of the best sustainable alternatives to plastic bags.

1) (Re)zip Reusable Plastic Bags

These lightweight, leakproof bags from (re)zip look similar to a traditional plastic bag, but just one (re)zip bag replaces 300 disposable baggies. The durable FDA-grade PEVA material is BPA, PVC, and lead-free. Pack snacks or lunches for school or work, or freeze fruit, soups, and stocks. Hand wash the bags between use.

2) Stasher Bags

Stasher reusable silicone bags do everything a plastic bag can do, and more. The durable bags have an air-tight pinch closure, and can double as a sous vide bag by being placed directly in boiling water. These reusable bags are also dishwasher safe, and come in three sizes.

3) Bee’s Wrap

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Bee’s Wrap is a sustainable, natural alternative to plastic bags and plastic wrap. It’s best used for food storage (as opposed to food transport), but this washable, reusable, and compostable wrap is perfect for storing cheese, produce, and bowls of leftovers.

4) Nordic By Nature Sandwich Bags

“Stylish sandwich bags” is a phrase you probably never thought you would read, but that’s the best way to describe Nordic By Nature’s brightly designed reusable zipper bags. These hand wash cotton and polyester sandwich and snack bags are perfect for packed lunches.