sweet peas

Renee made sure we left with bouquets of sweet peas. The fragrant blooms will continue to be available longer with constant picking.

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Renee Blom's garden was also a Fave Five story of 2019. Her amazing knowledge of plants, edible and beautiful inspires me. She is the Master of her organic garden and shares the duties of the South Coast Community Garden Association, predominately at Lady Bug Landing in Coos Bay. The SCCGA is made up of five organic gardens in Coos County, https://socoastcommunitygardens.org/.

When I got an invite to Renee's garden I couldn't resist. Cindy Delgado, another awe-inspiring gardener I'd met at Lady Bug, came along. It was beautiful drive with the top down in the convertible. We made our way up the West Fork of the Millicoma to Bloms' — piece of heaven nestled down right on the river. 

I admire Renee's passion for her plants and her ability to make them perform but more importantly I am honored to call her friend. The handful of Bearss (various spellings for the Persian lime) limes she sent me home with, the bouquet of sweet peas, the delicious rhubarb and berry crisp we snacked on—made with harvest from her garden.

Who wouldn't be inspired by the various stages of preservation; onions, garlic and herbs hanging to dry. 

She has perfected growing tomatoes. She covers them protecting them from moisture staving off the blight that effects most tomato plants in these parts.

My community garden plot is right next to hers. My experiments on occasion produce food. Sometimes Renee will point out the error of my thinking in the kindest way imaginable.

It will be time to complete my application for my plot at Lady Bug soon. Plots are first-come, first-served, I need the same spot so I can find it.

I poke fun at my own gardening but for my $20 I get more than my money's worth in produce from my plot.


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