My Mother's Day weekend project initially was just going to be another raised bed, then two raised beds. But I had the brilliant idea to turn them into a mini-greenhouse. I have been wanting a greenhouse for years but it just never fit into my budget plan. 

Thank you Tom Harvey and Mike Leigh for giving me the confidence to tackle this project. It's been a couple years since I took an intro to woodworking class at the Coos Bay Boat Building Center. I use the table I made every day and tackle things I wouldn't have prior to that class, like a greenhouse.

I needed to move a few bricks and level out some ground before I could put the beds into position so Henifred (my one-eyed hen) and I got to work. I pulled weeds and raked while she got right in the way.

I had two 8-inch, 2 by 12 cedar planks left over from a previous raised bed project. I prowled through my wood pile and found some old treated deck boards to use for the ends and a box of deck screws. Tape measure in hand, I marked my boards and headed to the chop saw. When I finished the first box, I was committed to a new materials list for actually turning the first box into a greenhouse and adding a second one as well.

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When I had both boxes with framework in place, I measured some old windows that I wanted to use for a cold frame. Fortuitously, the width was perfect after I made a lip inside the boxes for part of the window to rest on and added another 6-inch board to the outside, also left over decking. That board also will keep deer noses and chicken beaks out.

One of my supports turned into a little ledge for small plants and a lip to hold a lightweight shelf as well.

I put a layer of groundcloth down to help keep out burrowing varmints, a layer of newspaper to make happy worms, a layer of fine fir shavings and then a layer of straw. The next phase will be schlepping soil, then making shelves for plant starts, and assembling doors to be installed before it cools down.

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