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LAKESIDE — Whales, sharks, banner and fighter kites take to the sky at Wulfy Beach in Lakeside, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 9. The second annual Lakeside Fly In brings professional kite fighters to share the sky with anyone who wants to launch their own colors into the wind.

“Bring your kites, your kids and your inner child,” said organizer Diane O’Bryan. “This is a great way to forget the world’s troubles and feel the joy of colors in the wind.”

Members of Associated Oregon Kiters, American Kitefliers Association, Rogue Valley Windchasers and Washington Kiteflyers Association will demonstrate Japanese fighter kiteflying at 11:00. There will be fighter kites available for purchase.

The kitefliers will also bring kites and banners that will fill the sky with a rainbow of colors and creatures including  full-size whale and oversized shark kites. On the ground, folks can play with a soccer ball the size of a car or fly demo kites supplied by the pros.

“Between those of us who are coming, you can be assured that there will be plenty of color and kites in the air to make this 2nd annual event even more fun than last year’s,” said kiteflier Rod Thrall.

Rod and his wife, Cindy, have been flying kites together since a 1992 trip to the Oregon coast to celebrate their anniversary. They took a kite for a walk on an Oregon beach and have been flying ever since.

The Thralls are award-winning kite creators. Rod likes to build “the big stuff,” specializing in the Jordan Airform.

“You may see the 432 sq. ft. ‘Scrap Box’ at this event,” said Rod. The Scrap Box is a very large flying version of a Log Cabin patchwork block.

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Cindy prefers smaller projects, such as banners and windsocks, and loves to color ripstop with paints and dyes.

Kids will have the chance to design their own kites. The free family-friendly event will have free kites for the first 40 children. The free kites have been a draw at other Lakeside events. Children get to decorate the kites and then learn to fly them alongside the huge 10 ft. to 20 ft. long professional kites.

Families can bring a picnic and spend the day at the Wulfy Beach. The lake is a full recreational body of water to enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing and swimming.

The Lakeside Women’s Club will have a hot dog, sodas and chips booth open during the event.