My very favorite story for 2019 was about the Wilcox photo album. Marie French Mast brought in this beautiful vintage family photo album and wanted help locating family. She thought it belonged to her recently deceased mother's long-gone neighbor.

I loved rooting through the photos and making connections and tracking down details about family members through I wondered if she ever tracked down a family member to share the album with, so I called.

I like sharing girl power stories. I'm talking to you dads. Girls can like frilly and still be able to do things for themselves. It is so much fun to learn skills traditionally passed on to the men. I can wire a light fixture and set a post and that means you can too!

My kid calls me an old hippy, like that's supposed to be an insult? It's a compliment! I recycle, but not as much as I would like to. "Don't panic, it's organic," a classmate from beauty school used to say.

I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I hate that my landline now costs more than my cell phone. I still like to read an old fashioned book or newspaper. Newsprint is biodegradable whereas my iPad is not. I don't worry about my newspaper spying on me either. Not that I have anything to hide. It's just progress.

The conflicts I deal with in my own life is what makes me just like you, human. My New Year's wish for you is to be kind to yourself and others.