yeong's trifecta burger

The Trifecta Burger at Yeong's comes with a beef patty, brisket and bacon.

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NORTH BEND — Bite, napkin. Bite, napkin. Bite, napkin.

Even if I hadn't put it in the headline, those of you who have been to Yeong's Place would've guessed.

It only takes one trip to Yeong's to figure out why this restaurant wins best burger in The World's annual Best Of contest year after year. Other restaurants are upping their games and getting closer, but Yeong's has a loyal following.

Yeong's Place is located at 1120 Virginia Ave., North Bend. If you go around lunchtime, you're always going to find the parking lot pretty full.

If you have a favorite type of burger, Yeong's probably has it on its menu.

Elk, yes. Buffalo, yes. Lamb, yes. Turkey, yes. Veggie, yes.

Then there are all kinds of flavors: Gouda Bacon, Avocado Lamb, Pineapple Pork (with pulled pork).

And the giants: The Trifecta Burger with a quarter-pound patty, tri tip and bacon, the Pastrami Bacon Burger (pretty much what the name implies), and the Jalapeno Popper Burger, which comes with a quarter-pound patty, bacon and an onion ring to go with all the jalapenos. There are other huge burgers as well.

Yeong's has always been a favorite stop for sports editor John Gunther and me. Beside making a good burger, you always get enough toppings. Bigger doesn't always mean better, but big and tasty is a good combination.

So we asked our usual questions when we got there about which burgers are their most popular. The answer was the Western (Swiss cheese, bacon, onion ring and barbecue sauce), the Garbage Burger (Two 1/3-pound patties, American cheese, bacon and ham), and the Trifecta with the quarter-pound patty, tri-tip, bacon and chipotle barbecue sauce.

The Jalapeno Popper Burger at Yeongs is one of the biggest burgers I've had. To make this giant burger even taller, there is a huge onion ring…

John and I arm-wrestled over the trifecta burger (he won best two of three). So I went with my second choice, the jalapeno popper burger. This comes with a quarter-pound patty, bacon, cream cheese, jalapenos, buffalo sauce, and onion ring and cheddar. I know the idea with the cream cheese and the jalapenos is to make it like a popper, but I decided I'd rather go with pepper jack cheese instead. I'm just not a huge cream cheese fan, even on bagels.

As you can see by the photos, there is nothing small about the trifecta burger. And that was the shorter of the two burgers because for whatever reason they decided to throw a giant onion ring into the middle of the jalapeno popper burger.

And when they say there is bacon on the burger, you don't have to go hunting to find it, there is a nice, healthy helping of bacon.

Both burgers were two hands full. I'm also always glad they wrap their burgers, because without that, they would go through a lot more napkins. As it was, we both went through five napkins during our meal.

As we got most of the way through our burgers, John called for "halftime" and put his burger down (not always a great idea with a burger this size). But this allowed him time to go back to the locker room and take a breather, get a pep talk and get ready for the final part of the burger and all those sweet potato fries.

"That was a really good burger," he said. 

I have to agree. The buffalo sauce and the jalapenos gave my burger a little bit of zip, and the amount of veggies they put on is fantastic.


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