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COOS BAY — When you're walking through the Wednesday farmers' market in downtown and you get to the area with the food vendors (between 3rd and 4th streets), look to your left.

In that vacant lot, there are three or four more vendors including Wildflour Catering. Now, I've heard of Wildflour and owners Tara and John Moore of North Bend, through a colleague here at The World. She's a huge fan of their wraps and salads and has been goading me for weeks to give them a try.

While chatting with Tara last week, she said that this is her first year at the farmers' market and that they have been doing well — selling out on nearly a weekly basis.

"We sold out the first week, and we brought two more of everything the next week, and sold out again," she said. They have repeated this process several times now.

Wildflour is still going great guns. Last week, by the time I rolled up about noon, they were already out of all their chicken dishes and were nearly out of salads, but did have some sweet and sour or curry pork left.

Sweet and sour sounded fantastic to me. I handed her $8, she turned around and handed me my lunch.

That's the great thing about a catering company, they know how to make hot meals in advance and then keep them warm, so that when you order, they are ready to go. For those of you with tight lunch windows, this might be a good option after standing in some of those lines.

I thought I'd have more time to chat, but I did find out that Wildflour is soon going to have a storefront.  Tara said they were going into the Oddfellows Building, just down from Painted Zebra on U.S. Highway 101 later this fall. If you remember where Blondies was a few years ago, that is the space.

My lunch was very good. I took the photo without the sauce, so you could see how much meat and veggies there were to go with the rice.

While this was my least-expensive lunch of the four weeks so far, John found a way to beat that. His choice for the week was Papa's Doggs.

For those of you who went to the Food Truck Off a couple weekends ago, Papa's Doggs was one of the competitors and finished second in the Global Food division.

Sports editor John Gunther chatted with owner Larry Tilton, to find out that he has had the hot dog truck for four years and that his grandkids came up with the name.

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John said that Papa's Doggs offers several different types of hot dogs: traditional and large hot dogs as well as German, Polish and Louisiana Hots and corn dogs. The most expensive hot dogs are $4 and you can add chili and cheese for a buck more.

John went with the Louisiana Hot.

"I've had German and Polish dogs before, and I was told (the Louisiana) would make me sweat," he said.

"It didn't quite do that, but it certainly was warm. I think piling the kraut on it helped cool it down a little bit.

"It was a good dog."

We're getting close to wrapping things up at the farmers' market with just a couple of places remaining. The weather forecast looks good again this week. Hope to see you out there. There are plenty of great choices.