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The pork taco platter at Union Avenue Brew in North Bend. The platter comes with two tacos, rice and beans.

NORTH BEND — With Cinco de Mayo coming up, sports editor John Gunther and I were contemplating where we should go to celebrate.

Then as fate would have it, I received a text that started out: "Did you know ..." and finished off with the revelation that a Facebook posting said Union Avenue Brew in downtown North Bend was now serving tacos.

The interior at Union Avenue Brew in North Bend. Owners Jennifer and Jessy Holmberg have really done a nice job making this a comfortable sett…

A coffee shop doing tacos. This intrigued me enough that I suggested to John that instead of going to a traditional Mexican restaurant before Cinco de Mayo, that we try this out.

It was a good decision.

Union Avenue Brew is owned by Jennifer and Jessy Holmberg, and they serve their tacos three ways, individually ($2.50), on a platter with two tacos, rice and beans for $6.50 and in a bowl with rice and beans for $6.

They alternate days with the filling for their tacos. One day, it is pork, the next day will be chicken.

We happened to get there on the day for pork tacos.

John decided on the taco platter, and that was good for me since I'm still trying to count carbs, I ordered the bowl. Saved myself four tortillas. For you carb counters, you know how important that is.

With my lunch, I ordered an iced chai latte and John ordered a Bow & Arrow smoothie which is their strawberry-banana concoction made with coconut water. They also have Jennifer's favorite smoothie, the Kimura smoothie that has pineapple, ginger, lemon and basil.

The taco bowl at Union Avenue Brew comes with rice, beans, shredded pork, onions, cilantro and a tasty green salsa.

The pork was done very well and had good taste. The salsa was wonderful and added just the right amount of zip to the meal.

John enjoyed his tacos. While pork isn't his go-to meat of choice, he said he really liked the tacos and that the beans were exceptional. I have to agree, they added a nice taste profile to the bowl.

Here's the hitch: You're going to have to get there close to when they start serving.

They start serving the tacos at 11 a.m. and since they don't have a kitchen on location, when they run out of taco meat, they are done for the day. They will serve them until 4:30 p.m., but I'm doubting that it ever lasts that long.

When John and I left a little after noon on Thursday, Jennifer said they still had some left, but not a whole lot.

Union Avenue Brew is located at 1955 Union Ave., North Bend. From U.S. Highway 101, turn west on Virginia, then turn right on Union Avenue and the shop is on the right. They are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and open every day except Wednesday. For you Cuisine readers, that means you have an extra day to make your lunch plans.

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