stockpot turkey, bacon cheddar melt

The grilled turkey, bacon, cheddar and tomato at Lorraine's Stockpot Restaurant  on US Highway 101 on the south end of Coos Bay.

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COOS BAY — The Lumberman's Burger will have to wait for another day.

We've tried a lot of big burgers along our journey, but The Lumberman's scared both of us.

The menu reads: "The biggest, juiciest burger in town. One full pound of hamburger topped with bacon and two kinds of cheese. Guaranteed filler-upper."

One pound!?

I half-joked with sports editor John Gunther that it might be the size of a Frisbee.

The Stockpot Restaurant in Coos Bay was once an A&W Root Beer location. John said the last time he was in that building, it would have bee…

I tried to use a Jedi mind trick on him to see if he would order it. He said he had a couple of options, no matter what I ordered, so I decided to get the chicken fried steak.

It didn't work. He asked our server what the most popular items were and he asked about The Lumberman's. For a minute, I thought he might be considering it.

But, alas, he went with the grilled turkey, cheddar, tomato and bacon.

So, The Lumberman's Burger will have to wait, probably for a time when I haven't eaten in two or three days.

The last time I visited the Stockpot, it was in June of 2016 with Autumn, and that time we had breakfast and I ordered the country skillet. It was huge.

As you can see, the chicken fried steak is huge as well.

The steak is tenderized, hand-battered using a very thin breading and fried right there at the restaurant.

The meal comes with a side of fries and your choice of soup or salad. I decided on the salad and it also was good-sized.

Thus, I did not leave hungry.

I didn't need a wheelbarrow to get out, but I was really full.

The country gravy is put on the plate first, with the chicken fried steak placed on top. The presentation is different, but you're not left wondering what the chicken fried steak looks like.

John's grilled turkey looked amazing. 

He said the turkey was very good and that the combination made a great sandwich.

The turkey is cut nice and thick, and anything with cheddar and bacon is a bonus. And grilling the bread also is a nice touch.

John is a big veggie fan, so he was glad it comes with several big slices of tomato.

My chicken fried steak was $11.95, John's turkey sandwich was $10.95 and with a couple of drinks, our meal came to $27.90.

And if you want to give The Lumberman's a try, that will run you $14.50.

Good luck.


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