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The Juicy Lucy at Shake n Burger in Coos Bay. Not only is the meat covered with cheddar, but there is even more melted goodness between the patties.

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COOS BAY — "If you don't like cheese, this definitely isn't the burger for you."

That was the quick review from sports editor John Gunther after two bites of the Juicy Lucy from Shake n Burger at the south end of town along U.S. Highway 101.

Our most recent stop on our burger quest was to Shake n Burger. Seeing as how lunch is when I go out to eat most, Shake n Burger has been a regular stop for Autumn and I for a few years now, going back to when they were located in Eastside.

Allowing sports editor John Gunther to try the Juicy Lucy, freed me up to try something new -- the Southwest Burger complete with guacamole, b…

I can't get past the Juicy Lucy basket. With two patties formed around cheddar cheese and then more cheddar on top of the patties along with all the usual toppings (pickles, onion, lettuce and tomato) I just don't look at the menu much anymore.

So when it came time to order, John and I asked our server what were the top sellers and he said the Juicy Lucy and the half-pound Jamison's Burger.

If you remember the size of the burger I talked John into last week, I wasn't going to force the Jamison's on him this week. So we decided beforehand that he was going to have the Juicy Lucy if it was one of the favorites and I'd order something else.

That something else turned out to be the Southwest Burger, with guacamole, bacon, pepper jack cheese and jalapenos.

Before our meals showed up, I warned John to let the Juicy Lucy sit for a minute and then to be careful with the first bite. I don't know how many times I've taken too big a bite the first time and had that hot, melty cheese run onto my hand.

John heeded my advice.

I did not.

When I first got my Southwest Burger I looked at how it was put together. Lift the top bun ... there was the guacamole and lettuce. Check out the bottom bun ... there are the jalapenos.

"John, that's a bunch of jalapenos," I said as I showed him.

He nodded, his mouth full of cheddar.

I thought I should probably take a few of them off, but I didn't.

Good thing these weren't really hot jalapenos, or I would have been in trouble.

As it was, they provided a nice bit of heat and a little crunch to go with the pepper jack and the guacamole.

I wasn't quite sure how the bacon was going to fit with the southwest theme, but then again, shouldn't all burgers come with bacon. Really. As usual, the bacon just adds one more layer to all the flavors in this burger.

We didn't try the shakes on Monday, but I have had them in the past. If you order the strawberry, may I suggest getting a spoon. With all the fresh chopped up strawberries in the bottom, it makes a straw almost useless.



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