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Pastries & Pizza in Bandon is located at 490 U.S. Highway 101.

BANDON — OK, why has it taken me this long to go to Pastries & Pizza.

Two of my favorite things in the world, pastries and pizza at the same place.

I'm about a craft beer away from wanting to live there.

They even have a Ms. Pacman game in the corner.

Bring back memories, anyone?

The 12-inch (small) combo pizza at Pastries & Pizza in Bandon.

Sports editor John Gunther and I didn't get within 10 feet of the door before he stopped me ... "I can smell it."

Yep, there it was wafting through the open door, that sweet smell of doughnuts, then a whiff of maple.

I felt like Snuffles, the cartoon dog. (Go ahead, I'll give you time to Google that.)

It only got more intense as we passed through the doors to get inside.

So I strolled over to the doughnut case even before we ordered. So many great looking doughnuts. I'm going to wish it was closer to the office since I should be getting doughnuts for the office in honor of Amy Moss Strong being named the new executive editor here.

After my stroll through all the carbs, we decided to take a look at the menu.

We decided to get a pizza and a calzone. Yep, more carbs. I'll have to take a long walk sometime this week to make up for it.

John had the pepperoni and sausage calzone last week, so I decided to order one this week. We also got a small (12-inch) combo pizza that comes with bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni and sausage.

There are row after row of donuts, cookies and pastries at Pastries & Pizza in Bandon.

Going to a place that also specializes in pastries, you kind of expect that the pizza crust is going to be good.

We weren't disappointed. 

"That sure puffed up a lot," John said after we took our first bites of the pizza. "I watched him make that, and that crust wasn't anywhere near that thick when he made it."

Same with the calzone. Nice puffy, soft crust. Solid amount of toppings.

Very good choices on both accounts.

Just to give you an idea of how big the calzone is, they make it on the same size tray as the 12-inch combo pizza in the background.

Maybe the most discouraging part of the trip was that I was too full to even consider having a pastry. But, I didn't leave empty-handed. On one of the stands there were three bags of day-old pastries, marked down to $3 a bag.

When I left there was only one bag remaining. The folks at work got to snack on the pastries Monday afternoon. I didn't hear any complaints.

I wonder if I'll be able to talk Amy into picking up some doughnuts on occasion on her way to the office from Bandon.


We'll have to have a chat.

Bring back memories anyone?

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