Mean Street clubhouse

The Clubhouse sandwich at Mean Street Sandwich Shop & Bakery in Coos Bay.

COOS BAY — We have another newcomer to the food scene in the Bay Area -- Mean Street Sandwich Shop & Bakery in downtown Coos Bay.

Mean Street is located at 263 N. Broadway (U.S. Highwy 101) in the south corner of the historic Tioga Building, just a few doors from Blue Heron Bistro.

The exterior of Mean Street Sandwich Shop & Bakery at 263 N. Broadway (U.S. Highway 101) in Coos Bay, in the historic Tioga Building.

When we can, sports editor John Gunther and I usually give restaurants a few weeks to get their feet under them before we drop in for a visit.

Mean Street fits that bill perfectly. When we visited last week, they said they had been open for five weeks.

Like the Downtown Eatery, Mean Street has a streamlined menu, having eight sandwiches (five hot, three cold), wraps and a couple of salads and sides.

Personally, this is the way I think all restaurants should open. Don't try to do so many things that you can't do them all well.

The hot sandwich choices include a pastrami Rueben, the Clubhouse, a French dip, ham and cheese and pastrami and cheese. The cold sandwiches are a roast beef and cheese, turkey and cheese and ham and cheese.

John asked about the Clubhouse while we were ordering and decided that was the one for him.

Asked if he might want to try the chili or the clam chowder, he opted to try the chili.

It was good enough that he decided to make his lunch a combo meal (add $3) and added a cup of the chili and a drink.

For a person that has been counting carbs for several months now, I have been doing a poor job recently. So, just to make sure that I got in a good meal, I ordered the chicken Caesar salad.

OK, I may not have gotten as few carbs as I had thought, this salad was huge. That is a regular size clam shell that the salad came in and it was packed.

When it got delivered to the table, my first thought was "I'm never going to be able to eat all that."

My second thought was "what am I going to do with the leftovers. Salads don't always store well in the refrigerator."

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Turns out I didn't have to worry.

In my mind, it's kind of hard to mess up a chicken Caesar salad (although I did have one a few years ago that I think was more stems than lettuce, and another that just had way too much dressing).

This one was good. Plenty of delicious chicken, right amount of dressing, tasty croutons and it was big enough that after I finished it I thought about not having dinner later.

John's sandwich was another doozy.

Just to give you an idea, that bread is probably somewhere close to an inch thick, and there's three slices. Toss in ham, provolone, lettuce and tomato on the top half and turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato on the bottom half, and you have quite a handful.

"With the lettuce and tomato on both halves, it's literally a sandwich on both sides," John said.

Chili at Mean Street Sandwich Shop & Bakery in Coos Bay. John enjoyed the chili sample he had so much that he made his meal a combo for $3…

It is a big sandwich.

Somehow he polished off both the chili and the sandwich. He probably also added a few miles to his next run to make up for it.

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