El Tapatio: Burrito Colorado

The Burrito Colorado lunch special almost doesn't fit on the plate.

COQUILLE — For the last two-plus years, sports editor John Gunther has been telling me that his go-to order at Mexican restaurants is the Burrito Colorado.

We have now been to a dozen Mexican restaurants over the past 27 months, and this is the first time he's actually ordered it.

And it all happened at El Tapatio in Coquille.

I know he's been sampling new things during our lunches, but it's still hard to believe it took 12 stops to give in.

He's tried everything from sopito to chalupas and machaca before going back to his favorite.

For those of you not familiar with the Burrito Colorado, it is sirloin (beef) marinated in a rich red sauce, wrapped in a huge flour tortilla, with more red sauce and cheese on top.

It probably didn't hurt that the Burrito Colorado was both on the lunch specials menu as well as Monday's daily special menu. The Monday special price was just $7.50 for that plate-filling burrito.

I also made my decision based on the lunch specials menu. But, I found something I hadn't heard of before.

I would tell John later, that if I was going to try something different, it helps in the decision-making if it's on the specials menu.

While chicken enchiladas really isn't new, this presentation was definitely different. The second half of the meal was two sunny-side up eggs.

It's called the Sunrise Enchilada.

The Sunrise Enchilada is served with the filling of your choice (chicken in this case) along with two eggs (left side) sunny side up, smothere…

So, on the left side of that photo with the story is the two eggs on top of a tortilla, covered with green sauce and cheese. The chicken enchiladas in the middle and rice and beans on the right.

You can get it with either the red or the green sauce. I stayed with the green.

As you can see by the photos, there was no shortage of food, and that was after we made short work of a bowl of chips and salsa.

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John said it first, but I know I felt the same way as we were finishing our meal. "I'm not leaving here hungry."

And then, "Glad we didn't get that second bowl of chips."

The Sunrise Enchilada was a tasty experiment. At first when you try the egg, it's just a fried egg with the green sauce, but then as you take a few more bites you get into the yolk, and that mixes with the green sauce.

The chicken for the enchiladas was very juicy and tender and very good. 

In a sea of blue and green metal awnings and roofs along State Route 42 in Coquille, El Tapatio stands out with its bright coral and mint gree…

While I liked my meal, there are so many other options on the El Tapatio menu I'd like to explore. You should see how many seafood items there are. Check out the Camarones Monterey, I think that might be my order next time around. Or maybe even the Fajitas Monterey (bacon wrapped shrimp).

Oh, the choices.

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