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COOS BAY — Creativity and corn dogs.

Normally, those words don't fit in the same sentence.

But, when you're talking about All American Corn Dogs you have to give it to Joanie and Phll Banry.

They are trying a little bit of everything at their corn dog cart at the Wednesday downtown farmers' market. 

Joanie is the creative genius of the pair, and was trying out a couple of her newest creations on Phil as sports editor John Gunther and I walked up.

She was experimenting with fried cheese curds and cheese sticks (which she said tasted like grilled cheese on a stick).

Their corn dogs come in two sizes, regular and jumbo and you can get them with three different batters — original, jalapeno and bacon.

OK, what isn't better with bacon?

That's what John thought too as he ordered the jumbo corn dog with the bacon batter. And just for good measure, he also got an order of the cheese sticks.

You know, Joanie was right, those cheese sticks really did taste like a grilled cheese sandwich. Don't ask me how they come up with some of these delightful things.

For being their first year at the farmers' market, the Banrys already have big plans for next year.

"Next year we'll have a new, bigger cart," Joanie said, standing in the cart with the distinctive American flag paint job.

She said they also plan on having a spot on northbound U.S. Highway 101 between Farr's and Subway. For now, when they're not at the farmers' market, they can be found on Ocean Boulevard at the corner of the old Nissan dealership.

John would say later that he wondered if the bacon taste would come through, and it only took one bite for him to confirm, that yes, the bacon flavor really comes through.

"And its a good enough dog that you can eat it without mustard and it's just fine," John said.

My choice for our final spot at the farmers' market was Taylor Brown's Un-Beet-Able smoothie stand.

I had done a considerable amount of dining out before our trip and it was the beginning of this hot spell, so I was ready for a smoothie.

From the menu board, we could see that all the ingredients are organic, so we started up a conversation with Brown, who is from Grants Pass.

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"My 5-year-old approves," Brown said. "So, I know I'm doing something right."

This is Brown's first year at the Coos Bay farmers' market.

She got the idea of doing something organic from visiting a shop in California.

"I was going to do juicing, but you lose so much fiber, and waste a lot of nutrients," she said.

"Vitamix blenders were on sale, and I started from there."

There's a lot of good stuff in these smoothies. Her most popular is the Un-Beat-able which is made with beet roots, strawberry, grape, lemon, pineapple juice and flax meal.

I chose the Mango Madness, which has mango, spinach, kale, pineapple juice and chia seeds.

This was very refreshing, and a great change of pace from most of the other offerings at the farmers' market.

She serves six types of smoothies in three different sizes, and also has iced green tea. So, if you're looking for something a little healthier at lunch, you might want to give it a try.