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La Herradura exterior

La Herradura in North Bend is located at 1430 Vermont Ave. The restaurant is located across the parking lot of the Pony Village Mall, behind Mini PetMart.

NORTH BEND — Mexican restaurant or pizza?

That was my question Monday morning for sports editor John Gunther. Seeing as how our original plans were blown up twice through no fault of our own, we were rushed to find a place for this week's Cuisine story.

First, we had a router go kaput here at The World last Thursday (this is why your papers were late being delivered). You can't imagine an industry that is more dependent on technology than the newspaper industry. If you can imagine, we put out the entire paper using two wi-fi hotspots connected to iPhones to keep two laptops running.

If one was ever to qualify for sainthood, getting a paper out Thursday would qualify for one of the miracles.

Then on Monday, we had the snow. We have several out of the area places on our list, but since driving was going to be dicey, we opted for someplace much closer.

Unbeknownst to John, I already had a secondary story picked out on National Margarita Day (story below), so when he said he was up for Mexican food I knew what my Cuisine page was going to look like.

We chose La Herradura because it has been several years since I've done a story on them. What I always remember about them is the huge plates of food they have. The dishes you see are on what have to be 14-inch platters.

La Herradura Steak Chicana

Steak Chicana at La Herradura in North Bend. 

I've never left hungry.

While sitting inside, I noticed that there was still snow on the picnic tables they have on their outdoor deck and thought it might make a nice photo. Good thing I got it then. While we were having our meal, the sun popped out a little and melted it all away.

La Herradura has one of the spicier salsas that they give out with their pre-meal chips.

La Herradura deck

When we arrived at La Herradura, the thermometer in my car read 37 degrees and there was still a skiff of snow leftover from that morning on the outdoor deck. While I doubt there were any takers on Monday, I would keep this in mind for when the weather is better.

"That will clear your sinuses out," John said while laughing.

On their lunch specials portion of the menu, we decided to go away from what we normally order. I'm a burrito guy, so I went with the chicken carnitas (although the arroz camarones almost won out). John decided on the Steak Chicana.

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Both meals have plenty of onions and green peppers to go along with the meat. John said his steak was done well and that the sauce was very flavorful while still being surprisingly mild. And that he liked that the proportion of vegetables to meat was very good.

My carnitas dish was just a little spicier and since both meals come with flour tortillas, we set off on making soft tacos or mini burritos with them.

La Herradura: Chicken carnitas

Chicken carnitas at La Herradura in North Bend on Monday.

I had plenty of carnitas to make three soft tacos, and still had most of the rice and beans left. As usual, I left incredibly full and will have to wait to find out if I'm even going to be hungry for dinner tonight.

Our two meals and two drinks came to $22.

And don't forget it's National Margarita Day on Thursday.


News Editor