Bandon Bait fish and chips

The cod fish and chips at Bandon Bait along the waterfront in Bandon.

BANDON — "What kind of fish do you use in the fish and chips?"

"Locally caught cod."

"Was it caught this morning?"

"Nope. Came in last night."

"I'll have the fish and chips."

Thus started our dining experience at Bandon Bait, which is one of three restaurants lining the Old Town Bandon marina parking area.

Bandon Bait is located along the waterfront in Bandon's Old Town. The business is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. with food service starting around…

Sports editor John Gunther asked the questions, and obviously got all the right answers.

"That's the next best thing," he said to me as we walked out to the outdoor picnic tables.

I reminded him that the boats that went cod fishing Monday were still out on the water. It would have been hard to get it any fresher than it was.

I made my selection prior to entering the front door. On the white board outside the front door with the day's specials were the words: Shrimp wrap with clam chowder $12.

Knowing John is not a "shrimp guy," I knew this was a safe bet and I have been eating a lot of wraps lately.

I always wonder how restaurants are going to jazz up their wraps. Some are just so plain.

It took me one bite to cross "plain" off my list. This sauce has some zip to it.

I told John I thought it might have something like wasabi in it, so after we were done with our meal, I went back to ask what put the pop in the wrap.

She explained that she makes her own cocktail sauce and that there is a liberal "dash" of horseradish added to it.

Thus my thinking it tasted of wasabi.

So, the tortilla came with the cocktail sauce, a bit of slaw and a pile of shrimp. That and the chowder made for a nice lunch, not too heavy.

The chowder was a little on the thin side (I personally like them a little thicker), with chunks of potato and clam.

John's cod came out of the fryer hot and ready to go.

There was a generous pile of lightly-breaded cod, on top of a good helping of fries and it comes with tartar sauce, coleslaw and a small shrimp cocktail. John subbed out the shrimp for another cup of coleslaw (told you he wasn't a shrimp guy).

John said the fish had a nice, light batter to it, and that the tartar sauce also had a bit of horseradish in it.

"I got used to it," he said.

In all, it was a great day to eat outside, with temperatures right around 70 at the marina. Then afterward, we took a walk along the boardwalk to see the artwork for the Wind, Wings & Waves art show. 

My wife has a piece on the boardwalk and fellow The World employee Beth Burback has a pair of paintings on display.

Bandon Bait is the mint green building at the far west side of the Old Town marina parking lot, closest to the building where the weekly farmers market is held.

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