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EZ-Pay allows you to automatically charge your subscription payment to your checking account or credit card each month.
Checking account charges will be withdrawn on the 10th of each month. Charge account charges will be made 14 days prior to the current subscription month expiration date.
To convert to EZ-Pay an existing account must be in a current paid status. Grace period status is not eligible for EZ-Pay without an additional payment posting.
New subscription EZ-Pay starts will get an initial month charge at the regular rate of $14.69 for local home delivery with a cost of just $14.69 per month after that!
Fill out the form below and a Customer Service Representative will contact you to set up your new EZ-Pay account.
The benefits for you!
— Discounted local delivery rate. Just $14.69 per month.
— No more bills, stamps, envelopes or carrier collections.
— Direct payments are convenient for your monthly budget.
— No more service interruption, no missed payments.
— You'll never miss a day of The World and all that it delivers daily.

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