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Bandon Fish Market snapper

The snapper fish and chips at the Bandon Fish Market. The meals come with fries and either coleslaw or a slice of garlic toast as well as tartar sauce and ketchup for the fries.

BANDON — For years, I've considered Bandon Fish Market's fish and chips to be the best I've tried on the South Coast.

For the entirety of this year, I thought John and I had been there, and didn't even have it on my current list of places to go.

While driving through Bandon a few weeks ago, we were talking about the eateries along the marina and he mentioned that he'd never been to Bandon Fish Market. Not just with me, but never.

That was a situation that needed to be remedied.

So, on our next trip to Bandon, we did. Now, I wish we had picked a day with a little more sunshine, but we found a way to make it work.

Because of the cool temperatures, the inside seating was full. We waited for our food outside in the area with the picnic tables, but even with our jackets it was still a little chilly. So, I thought I'd go see if the glassed-in picnic area across the parking lot near the marina was open.

It was, and our weather situation was solved. Also, we got to see the second part of one of the bigger news stories out of Bandon last week. While walking over, we noticed a boat tied to Weber's Pier with several local law enforcement officials nearby. I snapped a couple of pics and sent them to Bandon Western World editor Amy Moss Strong.

Sports editor John Gunther and I took advantage of the glassed-in picnic area along the marina in Bandon. The afternoon we were eating there w…

She, of course, had heard about the incident in which a boat lost power coming over the bar on her police scanner and went out earlier in the day to get photos from when the boat was being towed into the marina. But John and I got to watch the later parts of the investigation happen while we dined on fabulous fish and chips.

I always get the true cod fish and chips and get it with the garlic toast (you can also get it with coleslaw).

John decided to try the snapper version of the fish and chips with the coleslaw.

Right away John mentioned how good the cod was (yes, while I was looking at the goings on with the boat across the marina, he was 'taste testing' a small piece of the cod).

"That's good fish," he said.

But he also said the snapper was very good, and probably would have stood fine on its own even without the tartar sauce, which he also liked. 

I'm never disappointed with Bandon Fish Market. The fish is always incredibly fresh, and the breading on the fish is not thick like a lot of the tempura batters, but not so thin that it has a hard time holding the fish together.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have too tough a time getting John to make a return trip to Bandon Fish Market, but there are a lot of other places on our list.

But if you are looking for fish and chips, this place is at the top of my list.

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