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The South Coast Educational Service District has four seats on the ballot, including one contested race. A profile of the candidates is below in their own words.

Note: Ronn Johnson did not respond to an emailed request for response.

Name: Marie Simonds

Age: 40

Years in the area: 17

Occupation: Executive Director, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance

Past political/civic experience: Current: Bandon School Board, Vice Chair; South Coast Education Service District Board; South Coast Regional Early Learning Hub Steering Committee; Oregon Community Foundation South Coast Leadership Council.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Continue to provide the needed support services for students and staff to our 10 South Coast School Districts. Work in coordination with our local school districts to identify what special education services, instructional supports and administrative supports would be beneficial to meeting student’s and school district goals.

What do you feel are the most important issues you’ll be asked to face if elected?

We want students and teachers safely returning to the classroom in order to ensure students maximize their potential. In order achieve that goal, we need to continue to listen to students, families and school districts to be able to offer the services that are most beneficial.

How would you address those issues?

Identify what services are needed by the school district and continue to work collaboratively to address district’s needs. Additionally, we need to continue to work with the State and their guidance to be able to safely return students to the classrooms and assist districts adhere to the requirements

Why should voters trust you with their vote?

I am committed to our local schools and South Coast community. Both my kids attend Bandon School District and I am a devoted community volunteer. I am dedicated to listening to community needs and creating opportunities to take care of our students, staff and school communities.

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