Best of Show

"Reflections, Provincetown"

Watercolor by Louis Stephen Gadal of Los Angeles

Featured artist Jon Olson said he chose this painting because the artist excelled at each of the three criteria he evaluated: skill level, understanding of the subject matter and composition, and the feeling conveyed as the artist intended.

"No one is better at watercolors than Louis," Olson said. "His understanding of the material at hand (water, boats, skies and light) is superb. Finally, the painting conveys the mood that I feel when I see a scene like that in reality."

CAM Directors

"Bathed in Gray"

Watercolor by Jeffrey Hull of Cannon Beach

The Coos Art Museum board of directors chose this painting. Seen from above the beach at Silver Point in Cannon Beach, this scene came from five years of photographs.

"The story I was trying to tell was one of a veiled seastack simplified to a single form in the morning," Hull wrote. Wildflowers and grass in the foreground reflect the colors of summer.

Port Commissioners

"Shortening Up"

Acrylic by Capt. Greg Freedman of New Westminster, British Columbia

The painting depicts a tugboat captain winching in a wood chip barge in the pouring rain at night, illuminated by a single spotlight. A retired tugboat captain, Freedman tries to "communicate what making a livelihood pushing steel around on the water looks like, feels like and even smells like.

"I suspect that might explain why ‘Shortening Up' won the Port Award; those guys have been there."

Awards of Merit

Featured artist Jon Olson also recognized these works:

• "A Tranquil Anchorage" by Frank Gaffney of Mountlake Terrace, Wash.

• "Emerald City Twilight" by Steve Henderson of Dayton, Wash.

• "Algarve Boats" by Alan Ryall of Livermore, Calif.

• "Moving Water" by William Selden of Coos Bay

• "Point Lobos Surf" by Katherine B. Young of San Francisco

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