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New mental health care services are imperative

New mental health care services are imperative! Read more

Thank you for the grant

On behalf of South Coast Family Harbor I would like to extend a huge thank you to Three Rivers Foundation for the grant they presented us w… Read more

'Document dump' is abusive to us all

The many environmental impacts of the proposed Jordan Cove Energy Project continue to be identified by citizens, scientists, and state and … Read more

Let voters decide on capital punishment

A bill before the state Legislature that would dramatically curtail the cases in which the death penalty could be applied passed the state … Read more

Help us help you, local business

A response to Bi-Coastal Media’s onslaught of support local business ads. Read more

What does North Bend's safety fee cover?

I have a sincere complaint regarding the $15 increase on our water service. I am single, retired, and do not get an increase in my income e… Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

Stay in the know! Browse through opinions and analysis on today's hottest topics. Read more

The virtues of compromise

Joe Biden is aiming his campaign pitch directly at the sensible center of American politics. "Compromise itself is not a dirty word," he as… Read more

Commentary: Why is media ignoring Christian persecution?

Some media and others today either ignore or deplore claims of Christian persecution, even though prominent and numerous facts mount. Witness the recent Easter Sri Lanka slaughter of hundreds. On Mother's Day, a Catholic priest was killed with six others during a mass in West Africa. The ruling Chinese Communist party has destroyed churches and jailed evangelical preachers. There is a near ... Read more

Commentary: Impeach Trump for the spectacle if nothing else

Eighteen months before the election of 2020, we know that Donald Trump is the worst president in American history and the most deserving of removal from office before the expiration of his term. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can pass a bill of impeachment any day of her choosing. With every passing day she comes under greater pressure from other Democrats, including congressional committee ... Read more

Commentary: President Trump says he doesn't 'do cover-ups.' Well, glad that's settled

"I am not a crook." "Mistakes were made." "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." The lexicon of presidential denials and non-denial denials of impropriety and illegality is replete with memorable one-liners. And on Wednesday, President Donald Trump offered a new one: "I don't do cover-ups." The day began with House Democrats meeting to discuss what to do about Trump's refusal to ... Read more

Commentary: Modi win bodes ill for India, world

The world's largest secular democracy has just moved further away from its foundational ideals – exemplifying a worrisome global phenomenon. India, like the United States, was established as a secular, democratic republic. The ascension to power five years ago of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist who was banned from the United States for almost a decade for allegedly presiding ... Read more

Commentary: Remember the true meaning of Memorial Day

If you've lost someone to war or conflict, every day is a kind of Memorial Day. For the rest of us, once a year we are called upon to actively honor the sacrifice of our uniformed men and women who've died in service to our nation. People have a "tendency ... to forget the purpose of Memorial Day and make it a day for games, races and revelry, instead of a day of memory and tears."' No, this ... Read more

Mueller changed everything

From now on, the Trump-Russia affair -- the investigation that dominated the first years of Donald Trump's presidency -- will be divided in… Read more

Tall Ship Hawaiian Chieftain seeks captain, extends stay in Coos Bay


COOS BAY — Although Maritime Legacy Days ended weeks ago, Grays Harbor Historical Seaport’s tall sh… Read more



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