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Will LNG require drug testing?

I must have misread, as I was under the impression that lottery dollars were going to help with school funding. Read more

Speak out on smart meter concerns

In October I received a postcard from PPL notifying me of their 'smart meter' installation. I called as I was told in 2012 that this was NO… Read more

We don't need Jordan Cove

Regardless of brochures about "new owners", and "doing things differently". Jordan Cove LNG is scary and dangerous. Really, how can anyone … Read more

Let's start building offshore wind turbines

Through the whole debate about Jordan Cove, I've heard many people who support it talk about the "big picture" here in Coos Bay. They talk … Read more

Jordan Cove isn't an economic dynamo

Big energy has been spreading cash around the community of Coos Bay/North Bend, greasing the wheels for the Jordan Cove LNG scheme. The lar… Read more

Earthquake will bring utter devastation

My recent letter to the editor regarding the real danger of a major earthquake hitting our area did contain a typographical error that Wim … Read more


Commentary: Congress ignored its election duties for years. That ends now

House Democrats have waited eight years to regain the speakership, and now that they hold the gavel, they will clearly seek to move on pent-up priorities. For their first act out of the gate, they rolled several into one. The "For the People Act" - or H.R. 1 - runs just over 500 pages and includes proposals the Democrats have pursued during their time in the minority, such as ethics reforms, ... Read more

Commentary: Why businesses should help furloughed federal workers

As the partial government shutdown drags into its fourth week, some of the furloughed workers have been using the hashtag #ShutdownStories on Twitter to share heartbreaking accounts of how losing their pay leaves them unable to pay bills or care for their children. One mom tweeted: "My children don't care about walls. They do care about having a warm house to live in, a car to ride in, clothes ... Read more

Commentary: PG&E is going into bankruptcy. But what happens after it comes out?

Pacific Gas & Electric was the only California utility to file for bankruptcy protection when the state went through a self-inflicted energy crisis in the early 2000s. Now it is poised to be the first to file for bankruptcy protection as the state goes through a wildfire crisis. PG&E, which serves an enormous swath of communities from Santa Barbara to Humboldt counties, filed notice Monday ... Read more

Commentary: Jay Inslee's climate change gambit

In what could be a crowded field of Democratic contenders for the office of president, Jay Inslee is seeking to set himself apart. So rather than focusing on bread-and-butter issues like raising the federal minimum wage and Medicare-for-all, the former congressman and two-term governor of Washington state is staking his presidential aspirations on a single issue: tackling global climate ... Read more

Commentary: William Barr would bring more of the same to DOJ

Last month, Merriam-Webster selected "justice" as its 2018 word of the year. Defined as "the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action," the increased interest in justice is ironic as the Department of Justice, the only cabinet-level agency named after an ideal, struggles to pursue its mission under the weight of an administration that misconstrues its purpose. This week, the Senate ... Read more

Commentary: President Trump's doomsday shutdown

Not long after the inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017, I ran into a discussion of the Doomsday Clock on Facebook. That year, the clock, that midcentury modernist data-viz illustrating the imminence of global catastrophe, showed 11:57:30 p.m. Two and a half minutes to midnight, two and a half minutes to doom. This was the closest the world had been to ending, in the opinion of the ... Read more

Commentary: History shows that walls work

Despite derisive comments by opponents concerning President Donald Trump's proposed border wall - calling it a fourth-century solution - such structures have done their job well since they first appeared in Mesopotamia some 6,000 years ago. Today, supported by advanced technology, walls are still highly effective as protective structures. The physical wall was integral to the establishment and ... Read more

Commentary: Trump should demand a better tax cut, not a bigger wall

The conventional wisdom among President Donald Trump's circle seems to be that he has no choice but to stick to his guns on the border wall: His base would regard anything less as a betrayal. Senator Lindsey Graham has gone so far as to say that, if Republicans fail to support Trump's demand, it will be "the end of his presidency and the end of our party." But unless Trump can motivate ... Read more

Birthday: John Boorman


Movie director John Boorman is 86.  Read more