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Join me in voicing support for Jordan Cove

Support Jordan Cove. Read more

We need to fight the pipelines

This is a rebuttle to the letter from Keith from Reedsport who is endorsing the Jordan Cove pipeline in order to benefit children, lol! Read more

We need to build modular housing

The industry we need right now is to build modular housing and ship them to California on the railroad. We have local people and materials … Read more

Politicians don't want to help those who need it

Once more the voters are trying to find some politicians that will actually try to do their jobs and help the people and this country. Oh, … Read more

Choose a non-violent Thanksgiving observance

While President Trump is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a no… Read more

Let's envision a progressive future for ourselves

The 2018 midterms have seemingly tipped the scales for Democrats. Very many Democrats with progressive ideals have won, and many historic m… Read more


Commentary: All Trump's tacky guys

Harvey Levin's gossip juggernaut TMZ reported Wednesday that Michael Avenatti, nattily dressed lawyer for Stormy Daniels, had been arrested on domestic violence charges. The article set off alarms. Initially it claimed the victim of Avenatti's alleged abuse was his estranged second wife, Lisa Storie. Storie issued a statement denying TMZ's tale. For good measure, Avenatti's first wife also ... Read more

Commentary: For sheep's sake, ditch wool this holiday season

Sheep are such gentle individuals that children sing nursery rhymes about them and adults count them to help us doze off. Yet when we buy wool sweaters and winter coats, we are supporting a violent industry that leaves these animals broken and bloody. Surprised? In the past four years, PETA and its international affiliates have exposed the global wool industry's systemic cruelty to sheep on ... Read more

Commentary: 'Medicare for All'? A grim prognosis

Now that Democrats are poised to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in January, taxpayers can expect a major push to achieve the "progressive" goal of total government control over American health care. Their leading legislative proposals for government-controlled health system - H.R.676 and S. 1804 - are broadly similar. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), leader of the "Medicare ... Read more

Commentary: Quitting Facebook: isolating, yet 'oddly' freeing

I was a regular Facebook user for about 10 years, and I still keep an account open that I check from time to time. But, shortly after my children were born, I decided that using Facebook was not helping me to live my life in a meaningful way and might have been adding to my re-emerging feelings of depression. So, after a few false starts, I stopped using it. I found that after I quit, I really ... Read more

Commentary: Grieving fire like a local

When the Woolsey fire jumped the 101, my wife and I were 40 miles away in West Hollywood. Our two daughters were busy with their college lives in Portland, Ore., and New Orleans. But at the moment that Kanan Dume Road was set aflame, those separate worlds all telescoped in on a seven-mile stretch of land that is among the most picturesque in the world: north Malibu. My wife, Lynn, and I had ... Read more

Commentary: Semiautomatic guns make shootings deadlier

Recent history shows that mass killings in the U.S. don't follow a single script. But there is one common element shared by many of these tragedies: legal access to semiautomatic guns. Domestic terrorists such as the mass shooters in Thousand Oaks, Pittsburgh and Parkland, Fla., come from different demographic backgrounds and have different characteristics. Few reforms are likely to stop them ... Read more

Bud Kennedy: A Texas pastor calls Democrats 'godless': 'God will not bless America'

FORT WORTH, Texas - For white Christian Republican pastors stung by election results, it is no longer enough to just say Democrats are wrong. The Democratic Party is "basically godless," a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention said in defeat on election night. Pastor Ed Young of Houston is not the only pastor saying that. The leader of the Houston-based Texas Pastor Council, ... Read more

Commentary: Massacre fatigue: Do we ignore shootings?

Intensive care unit doctors and nurses, barraged day and night by the alarms that signal dangerous changes in a patient's pulse, respiratory rate or cardiac rhythms, may gradually lose the capacity to pay attention. Not because they are bad people or lazy or even inattentive, but because the brain's capacity to respond diminishes when so overstimulated. This phenomenon is known as alarm ... Read more

Bryan's Home project for veterans to move forward


COOS COUNTY – Operation Rebuild Hope’s goal to purchase what will be known as Bryan’s Home has been met. On Monday, Operation Rebuild Hope founder Patrick Wright made the announcement that “we reached our first financial goal of $20,000, so we are purchasing the property when escrow closes Dec. 15,” he said. Read more