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Why corporate America's mountain of debt matters

The next recession, whenever it arrives, could be deepened by Corporate America's debt-riddled balance sheet. Read more

Blue Sky Science: Why do butterflies stay in a cocoon and for how long?

Caterpillars start out as tiny creatures. Eventually the caterpillar will be ready to transform into a butterfly or moth in a process called metamorphosis. Read more

7 things we’ve learned about Ultima Thule, the farthest place visited by humans

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zipped past Ultima Thule on New Year’s Eve (Pacific time), flying within 2,200 miles of the space rock’s rus… Read more

Meet Australia's craziest drinking tradition

Ahh, the famed "shoey." It's the drinking tradition that pops into the lives of our favorite celebrities and then lands in the lap of social media. It's fun and cringey to watch at the same time! Nat shares some #shoey history on today's 5 To Know. Read more


Security solutions to keep your Coos County family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.

Today’s top pics: Pro-choice activists renew fight and more

Top photos of the day as selected by the Associated Press. Read more

Avocado enthusiasts need this handy $10 kitchen tool

If you can’t imagine what life was like before avocado toast took over Sunday brunch, you could live off of chips and guacamole alone, and you always throw half an avocado into your green smoothie for breakfast, this $10 kitchen tool is about to make your life so much easier. Read more

Videos: Raptors rout Bucks to even series 2-2: Breaking down the latest in sports

Check out these videos breaking down the latest news and action in sports, including a look at the Toronto Raptors beating the Milwaukee Bu… Read more