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Primary election results have now been certified by the Coos County Elections Office. The official results show Coos County Commissioner Position No. 2 incumbent John Sweet leading with 6,947 votes (46.23 percent) and challenger Katy Eymann in second with 4,258 votes (28.33 percent).

Since there was no majority winner in their category, the two will now have their names printed on the general election ballot in November and will compete once more for the county seat. Following behind is challenger Steven Scheer with 2,855 votes and Dale Pennie with 933 votes.

As for Coos County Commission seat No. 3 incumbent Melissa Cribbins secured a win with a total of 8,069 votes. Cribbins received the majority of the votes and focused much of her campaign on putting Coos County back on the map for the tourism industry. Challenger Natalie Ranker received 3,522 votes and candidate Avery Horton got 2,914 votes.

Incumbent Brett Pruess won position 5 for Circuit Court Judge in the 15th District with 8,132 votes. Challenger James Monsebroten received 5,251 votes. According to the elections office, of all contests and all districts there was about 16,322 ballots cast and overall voter turnout was about 37.89 percent.

Midterm elections are scheduled to take place Nov. 6 throughout the United States. The general voter’s pamphlet will be released this summer.

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