An anonymous donor gave Coquille Valley Hospital $100,000 towards the purchase of the orthopedic table. 

COQUILLE — Coquille Valley Hospital now has a hana orthopedic table, thanks to a $100,000 anonymous donation.

According to a press release, the donor provided the gift in January.

The donor was impressed with Dr. Michael Ivanitsky and the hospital’s care and treatment and wanted to give funds that would enable Ivanitsky to advance his practice, as well as benefit the community.

The physician uses advanced orthopedic surgical techniques and now has a table that can accentuate those skills.

The table has a unique capability to position in hyperextension, adduction and external rotation of the hip, facilitating a direct anterior approach to hip arthroplasty not possible with conventional surgical tables.

The patients’ clinical course is enhanced by experiencing less muscle trauma, a muscle sparing approach and a smaller incision. According to Ivanitsky, these advantages contribute to a reduced hospital stay, faster recovery, reduced pain, reduced tissue healing time requirement, reduced risk of dislocation and a rapid return to normal activities.

“Before the hana table’s installation, we might have needed to burden the patient with additional sedation for the position to work," said Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and surgery department manager Victoria Schmelzer. "With the hana table, we are able to position the patient with less sedation and less stress all the way around.”

Ivanitsky said conventional hip replacement surgery typically requires strict precautions to avoid dislocations. Most patients must limit hip motion for six to 12 weeks after surgery.

They also must limit flexing of the hip to no more than 60 to 90 degrees, which complicates normal activities like sitting in a chair, putting on shoes or getting into a car. The anterior supine approach for hip replacement surgery facilitated by the table will enable the patient to benefit from the immediate and long-term stability of the hip.

“Coquille Valley Hospital and Dr. Ivanitsky are very excited to offer this new technology and the anterior hip arthroplasty procedure it supports for our orthopaedic patients starting early April of 2015," said hospital CEO Dennis Zielinski.

For more information, call 541-396-7295.


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