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CCAT runs bus services throughout Coos County. 

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The Coos County Area Transportation District Board of Directors has four seats on the ballot, two of which are contested. Below are candidate profiles, in their own words.

Editor's Note: Rod Taylor, Genavieve Sharkey and Cathy Chase did not respond to email requests for response.

Seat Sought: CCAT Seat 6

Name: Howard Boles


Years in the area:

Occupation: Retired.

Past political/civic experience:

Boles submitted a statement in lieu of answers to the questions provided.

No strategy at this time, l haven't seen the budget or agenda, I’ll try to maximize budgeting with tax dollars for this program,  provide superior ride quality and prompt service to the county residents who use this service.  I’m retired now and have ample time to devote to this endeavor and with my experience with transportation from my last employment of twenty years in fleet maintenance and transportation of employees I believe I’m well qualified to accomplish these goals.


Seat Sought: CCAT Seat 6

Name: Tara Johnson

Age: 52

Years in the area: 8 currently and 5 years in the early 1990's

Occupation: Executive Director

Past political/civic experience: Myrtle Point School District Board, Dora-Sitkum Fire Board, Coos County Library Service District, Coos County Area Transit Board of Directors


What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I hope to continue the great work that the District has started!  We have made tremendous progress in establishing a strong foundation for local transportation in all of Coos County.  We have the tremendous responsibility of determining how the relatively new state funds will be distributed within the District.  We hired a solid leader just as the District was forming and I will continue to work alongside him as we learn as a District and grow together.

What do you feel are the most important issues you’ll be asked to face if elected?

I feel that addressing the ongoing effects of Covid-19 and public transportation will remain a key issue.  I have been part of paving the way for a strong recovery when we are able to leave the remnants of Covid behind us.  We have worked hard to identify an electronic fare collection system that will increase efficiency as well as approving a new deviated route system that will allow more flexibility for our riders. 

How would you address those issues?

Continuing to ensure that riders are safe and drivers are equipped to address concerns surrounding Covid-19.  I believe that we will need to increase advertising to help potential riders see that CCAT can meet their needs as well as their safety concerns. 

Why should voters trust you with their vote?

I have been a faithful board member for most of a 2 year term and served on the selection committee for the fare collection system.  I am a fierce advocate for those who need public transportation and take the job of a director seriously.  

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